Creations by Susan—Unlike Any Other Art Or Gift Shop In The World

Creations by Susan—Unlike Any Other Art Or Gift Shop In The World

Susan Brundritt is the proud owner and creative mind behind Walkerton’s cherished art and gift shop Creations by Susan. Over her 25 years in business, Creations by Susan’s inventory continues to evolve—and today offers a modern selection of unique innovations for the entire family. (more…)

Turning Pain Into Something Beautiful

Glass on a Wire Owner Susan Cowtan Turned Her Pain Into Something Beautiful
Rural Buzz is always excited to alert you to up-and-coming events, and small business owners who might not yet be on your radar. While we enjoy seeing the innovation of Ontario’s finest, we also enjoy hearing their stories of how it all began. For Glass on a Wire jewelry designer Susan Cowtan, it all began with career-ending pain. (more…)

Upscale living …. for birds

John Looser from Belgrave, Ontario, known by locals as the “ Birdman of Belgrave “ doesn’t just build birdhouses – he builds Extreme Birdhouses with balconies, gables, wraparound porches, even built-in rooftop swimming pools…”Upscale living ” for birds. Before John changed the face of birdhouse building, he spent 20 years of building houses for humans.  That came to an end when he sustained an injury and was told he would never work again. (more…)