Christmas in the Country 2015

While everyone is busy with their daily activities, the Saugeen Conservation team is busy at work displaying thousands of lights & candles, decorations, workshop facilities, animal barns and of course Santa’s Igloo for the traditional  Christmas in the Country event. Every year hundreds of families enjoy the many activities in the style of the old-fashioned traditions under the magnificent bright, colourful lights that decorated and brighten the night skies  in the beautiful Sulphur Springs Conservation Park.  (more…)

World's biggest Scarecrow Invasion

Don’t miss the fun at the Annual Meaford Scarecrow Invasion 2015
Mid-September to October 2015
The Invasion
The “Invasion of Scarecrows” begins in mid September through to mid October. More than 250 scarecrows will be found in the downtown area alone – dangling sassily from downtown lamp posts, hiding in bushes and trees, lounging happily on benches, peeking out from behind cornstalks and resting comfortably on porches and verandahs. (more…)