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Watermaker Bottled Water & Treatment in Orangeville, Ontario, offers an extensive bottled water service including Spring and distilled water delivery. In their retail store, local customers appreciate personalized walk-in service & serve yourself tap service on reverse osmosis water as well as ready filled containers in assorted sizes.

Watermaker began business in 1974 in Orangeville, Ontario as a water treatment company. Initially, specializing in residential and commercial delivery of water treatment salt, we quickly moved into the water treatment equipment market. In early 1975 we became an Ecowater dealer representing the world’s largest privately owned manufacturer of water treatment equipment. We rapidly gained expertise in all areas of water treatment and we currently specialize in water softeners, iron and tannin removal, drinking water systems and ultra violet sterilization for residential and commercial applications. In 1986 we recognized the opportunity to expand into the emerging bottled water industry using the experience gained through years in the water treatment business. To create a niche in the market we began bottling reverse osmosis water in 11 L and 18 L polycarbonate bottles becoming the first to use this technology in the commercial large bottle format. Over the years the company expanded into spring water and distilled water to deliver it’s current selection of water products throughout the Greater Toronto Area.
In the ongoing evolvement of our business and in response to local demand for our products and services, we established a retail operation in 1987 at 121 First St., in Orangeville.  This led to further involvement with the community of Orangeville and the surrounding areas, giving us the opportunity to provide a very personalized walk-in service to new and existing customers. Watermaker’s retail location offers serve yourself tap service on reverse osmosis water as well as ready filled containers, in assorted sizes, of reverse osmosis, spring, and distilled water. we stock a variety of parts and accessories to service all out water softeners and other water treatment systems and our friendly, knowledgeable and experienced is there to serve and assist you with all your questions and needs.

Ed Kampen ~ Water Quality Advisor




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