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For March 31, 2020!

A Land Mark Sign

submitted by Don McNeil of Brussels, Ontario


In the early 1970’s a local fellow pulled an old Model T ( in very rough condition) out from the bush and brought it to a flea market in Brussels, Ontario. At the time, this was a very large, 3 day market, bringing hundreds of cars into town. At the end of the event, leftovers would go to the garbage or scrap. When the Model T fell into that category, a friend and I went partners for $20. each to own it.

The Old Shop – Brussels Ontario – Don McNeil

A year later, I saved up another $20. and bought out my partner. I worked with parts I had, fenders, hood, wheels, steering to put this beauty back into shape. Then I had another bright idea; to put the relic in a Brussels Santa Claus parade.
At the Wingham garage, I advertised my auto body restoration shop, by pulling this Model T, with an old 1928 Model A, that I have run for 55 years!
So the old T became my shop landmark and sign – pushing it in and out each night. But after awhile; and with my faithful friends, we started an uprising, by digging a huge hole, putting the post in first, fitted the frame on the Model T with a sign, support and lights. Now we just needed cement to hold the base. Called a ready-mix, whom I had done work for in the past, and they always had a little cement left over for a cheap project as this was, and knowing that their old timers there would oblige a favour. Unbeknownst to me, the neighbour across the street had ordered a special heated cement load, for setting egg shipments on, in his orchard. So, along came Maitland ready mix, slowing down, looking back at the shop, and looking a bit lost. So I go wave the driver over; and when he asked where do you want the load – I pointed at the hole. A few old bricks and stones were thrown in also; the pole was set. I paid the bill and he was off. Over to the orchard he went – I guess for apples, but when the neighbour asked “ where’s my cement? “ the driver said – “ over there in the hole “. Oh no, wrong place!!. The driver was off to reload a special mix, and still deliver that same day. So, my so-called “ free cement “, wasn’t so free in the end. With many friends and a lumber truck lift, my Model T was now up a pole, making a great sign, and the largest bird’s nest in town. Robins, sparrows and blackbirds nested and all got along.
This Model T became a very recognized landmark; with lots of tourists’ snapping pictures, car rally’s having contest questions about what size the tires were etc. At Christmas time we had 5 employees get up into the car with Santa Claus for photos on our business Christmas cards. At Hallowe’en, it was filled with pumpkins. Just part of the family, you could say.
38 years later, changes happen, and time for it to come down. The apple farmer came with his tractor and bucket to remove the old Model T. Within an hour, down she came, and back home to Brussels. May 2016, and another uprising.

The Old Shop – Brussels Ontario – Don McNeil

This time right here at the Turnberry Street North, with many thanks to all the helpers to lift this eyesore again. Needing cement again, my thanks goes out to Kramer Cement, right in my own backyard, and to the boom truck, with Jason Guluzen.
Have been here for 70 yrs now, with all my awesome collection of paraphernalia and old stuff, I don’t think that Model T will be moving again – at least not without me!

submitted by Don McNeil of Brussels, Ontario featured in The Garage Door News, a publication of the Canadian Service Station Memorabilia Association.



Mr. McNeil’s OLD SHOP, open by appointment or by chance >> 

The Old Shop – Brussels Ontario – Don McNeil

Drive to Dave’s

We’ve all heard of famous Hollywood inspired haunts such as Cheers, Luke’s Diner from Gilmore Girls and The Ruby of Corner Gas. Folks of Perth county also have their favourite place and they don’t have to jump into a storyline to experience it. Everything is real from the company they keep to the homemade classics and personable waitstaff.

Dave’s Diner – Sebringville, Ontario

In fact, we have our little slice of the big-screen right here where everybody really does know your name and people walk into the kitchen to greet the infamous Dave.

Dave Sharples, owner, operator and chef at Dave’s Diner has had quite the exciting journey. His culinary trails began about 30 years ago when he graduated chef school. In 2001 Dave opened the diner’s doors for business. Why did he take the plunge? He believed in himself, his recipes and ability to make people happy with food. Overcoming the challenge of learning the ins and outs of business was manageable because of his family’s support. Dave’s wife Nadine has been helping from the very start and isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. You may also know her for her cakes featuring her tasty handmade icing, if you haven’t had one yet, get ready to be hooked.

Part of the charm of Dave’s Diner is the welcoming spirit which comes from the team consisting of his kids Lexie and Jesse, Nadine and long-time staff such as Josh. Whether popping in for a quick coffee or relaxing the morning away over an omelette, you’ll quickly see that Dave’s team are not just employees but they’re family – all of them. And when Dave announced the move to their Sebringville location, the team was in. Even though customers walked into a new location, the food they kept going back for was the same, because as Dave says, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

With menu items you can rely on, Dave continually finds ways to improve his offerings and service because the folks that walk through their door only deserve the best. Living for today, his plans for tomorrow are to uphold great food that people do and will come back for. #drivetodaves.

Article submitted by Natalie Moore ~ Creative Consulting

> Read more information on Dave’s Diner Family Restaurant >> 


Dave's Diner Family Restaurant - Sebringville, Ontario

Imagine taking a leisurely drive in the countryside to the quaint village known as Wellesley, Ontario. Lucy Pearlle  Vintage Shoppe and Antique Markets is a one of a kind shopping experience of unique carefully selected and crafted treasures from antiques, collectables, repurposed vintage furniture with tender loving care and so many wonderful surprises.

Located in the original Wellesley Mill, a rarity among existing Ontario Mill buildings, both for its age and construction, built originally in 1856. Few mills have survived from the nineteenth century in such good condition. The vintage shoppe, studio space and book nook at Lucy Pearlle, compliment with great respect the creativity of the historic building.

With a beautiful renovated yet authentic and rustic space dedicated for “ all forms of art and a place of freedom “ of expression – The Lucy Pearlle Workshops are offered to inspire, energize, create and transform your vision to life.

Lucy Pearlle’s is a place for art, a place for emerging artists, place for neighbours, makers, creators, dreamers, doers, a place for young, old and all in between. Just starting out or simply reminiscing on times past.  It’s a place to be inspired, motivated and energized.  We are Lucy Pearlle’s ! Come dream with us.

Wellesley is just a short countryside drive from  many other local Vintage Shoppe’s, Antique Markets and unique one of a kind shopping experiences.

Join one of Lucy Pearlle’s Workshops:

Workshops updates on Lucy Pearlle’s FaceBook Event’s Page >>

Find out more on Lucy Pearlle’s Profile Page >>


Julie’s Workshop

“Adventures In Wood”
Inspired By Two. Created By Many

Julie’s Workshop, as it happens, is a story that started many years ago.
When Julie was a little girl, her mom and dads friends dropped by for a visit. With them, they brought a gift for both Julie and her sister – two little stools, one for each with their names carved on the side.

Julie’s mom and dad had another little one on the way and decided they needed to build a stool for their new addition. So they built a stool for Joanne.

Like so many ideas, they often come without knowing where they will take you. Julie reflects, “My mom and dad were creative people and after they built my sister’s stool, they thought others might like them too. They started making them as gifts at first and then as word traveled, they started receiving requests.”

She says, “Young ones are always looking for ways to be independent and with their own little-personalized stool, it’s cute to see how excited they are to go get it and proud when they take that little step up. Many years later these stools become childhood keepsakes; memories in time within the dents, scratches and crayon marks.”

Tragically, Julie’s mom and dad passed away many years ago and so ended the stool making. Five unfinished stools remained and became more precious than ever. She and her sisters decided to share the last remaining stools, which gave Julie two. She kept them for years but when her cousin had her first baby, she decided that she would use one of her stools for Matthew.

Julie shares, “Like my mom and dad, I’m a creative person. Carving Matthews name into the stool, staining and finishing it and then knowing there was only one stool left, it just hit me! Why am I not making these stools?!”

Nearly a year ago, Julie put into motion the creating her workshop. “Adventures In Wood” she calls it, as Julie sees life as a series of adventures. Inspired By Two – her mom and dad have gone far too soon but with her every day. Created By Many – from her parent’s friends that came for a visit that day, with a stool for Julie and her sister. To a childhood friend and neighbor who’s workshop, her mom and dad used to cut pieces for the stools and has guided Julie in setting up her workshop. She says “I also have to acknowledge that when I talk about my workshop, it’s a collective. People share their ideas so the creativity becomes more than just mine. All these people are part of the “Many” and I’m grateful.”

Julie adds, “I’m delighted to be up and running. I’m having so much fun already and I’m only getting started! I’ll be making lots of different things but like the little stools Julie says “one step at a time.”

Welcome to Julie’s Workshop

Julie’s Workshop is opening soon!

416-735-2117 |




Like most everything in life Julie says “It’s been a journey, not a destination”. While she’s always up for an adventure, adopting Jack turned into far more than she could have imagined. At 11 months old, 77 lbs and zero training, Julie found herself with her first puppy and landed in beginner obedience classes. She quickly realized the challenge ahead and credits the support of her instructor (Teddy Green at Daytripper Dog Training), for her words of wisdom and constant encouragement.

Months of hard work and determination saw her bond with Jack grow. She says “One day I woke up and found myself dog-happy… he’s my inspiration!”DOG-HAPPY

Training with Jack tapped into a part of Julie she couldn’t ignore. Making the decision she wanted to work with dogs, become a trainer and says “Jack literally changed my life”. So it was to be and DOG-HAPPY was born! As Julie’s unexpected adventure unfolds, she focuses on building her skills through continuous education and hands-on experience as she assists her trainer in group classes. She continues training with Jack and says “Its awesome that there are so many directions; from nose work to sports and tricks. It’s endless what you can learn, teach and do with your dog!”

Julie surrounds herself with qualified professionals that use science-based training methods and has developed a strong foundation of resources. She looks forward to the many paths this new found love offers; perhaps one day offering her own dog training classes and with time and hands-on experience, becoming a Canine Behaviourist. “It’s an exciting journey, with so much good fun ahead!”

For more information or to arrange your personalized service, contact Julie at 416-735-2117 | | | @beingdoghappy  DOG-HAPPY on RuralBuzz >>