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Drive to Dave’s

Drive to Dave’s

We’ve all heard of famous Hollywood inspired haunts such as Cheers, Luke’s Diner from Gilmore Girls and The Ruby of Corner Gas. Folks of Perth county also have their favourite place and they don’t have to jump into a storyline to experience it. Everything is real from the company they keep to the homemade classics and personable waitstaff.

Dave’s Diner – Sebringville, Ontario

In fact, we have our little slice of the big-screen right here where everybody really does know your name and people walk into the kitchen to greet the infamous Dave.

Dave Sharples, owner, operator and chef at Dave’s Diner has had quite the exciting journey. His culinary trails began about 30 years ago when he graduated chef school. In 2001 Dave opened the diner’s doors for business. Why did he take the plunge? He believed in himself, his recipes and ability to make people happy with food. Overcoming the challenge of learning the ins and outs of business was manageable because of his family’s support. Dave’s wife Nadine has been helping from the very start and isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. You may also know her for her cakes featuring her tasty handmade icing, if you haven’t had one yet, get ready to be hooked.

Part of the charm of Dave’s Diner is the welcoming spirit which comes from the team consisting of his kids Lexie and Jesse, Nadine and long-time staff such as Josh. Whether popping in for a quick coffee or relaxing the morning away over an omelette, you’ll quickly see that Dave’s team are not just employees but they’re family – all of them. And when Dave announced the move to their Sebringville location, the team was in. Even though customers walked into a new location, the food they kept going back for was the same, because as Dave says, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

With menu items you can rely on, Dave continually finds ways to improve his offerings and service because the folks that walk through their door only deserve the best. Living for today, his plans for tomorrow are to uphold great food that people do and will come back for. #drivetodaves.

Article submitted by Natalie Moore ~ Creative Consulting

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Dave's Diner Family Restaurant - Sebringville, Ontario

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