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Hanover Fall Fashion Show

Hanover’s 2014 Fall Fashion Show ” Express Yourself ” is a great success for creating awereness and driving traffic to the downtown fashion stores and businesses. The event was Thursday October 2nd at the Hanover Knights of Columbus Hall.

Barbara Hicks has been on the executive of the Hanover Chamber of Commerce for a number of years and  currently serves as Past President.
When she was Vice-President, she came up with the idea for the Chamber of Commerce to host a fashion show as an event to showcase a large number of the Chamber members and drive traffic to their stores.  The idea was that, although it was a fashion show, they’d still be able to involve a large number of other businesses.  For example, hair dressers and make up artists could prepare the models.  Local business people could be models in the show.  Non-fashion Chamber members could donate items as door prizes and “swag bag” give-aways.  The first year of the show, about 100 Chamber businesses participate in one way or another; which was awesome!

The first year of the show was in the spring of 2013.  It was a huge success and the fashion retailers asked the Chamber to do it again, but to alternate seasons, which explains the 2014 fall fashion show in October.

The Chamber of Commerce itself does not intend to raise any money.  They’re intention is to break-even but drive traffic to the stores and businesses that participate.  In 2013 a surplus of $700 after expenses were paid, so they donated the money to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Hanover & District.  This year the committee has decided to donate any proceeds to the Saugeen Valley Children’s Safety Village.

The fashion show is organized by a committee of volunteers, including Barbara as Chair and a few Chamber of Commerce executive members plus a few business women who have been very generous with their time.

The first year the fashion show was called “Transform Yourself”.  This year it’s called “Express Yourself.”

The feedback received from the show last week so far is very positive. Surveys of the fashion retailers in the next weeks will tell if they saw more traffic and sales at their store after the show and if they felt the show was worthwhile and if they’d like us to do it again.

Hanover fashion retailers are all located in the downtown core.  This event helps to keep those downtown businesses vital when there is so much shopping in our east end big-box stores or when people are inclined to do on-line shopping or make a trip to the city to buy fashion.

Just a few highlights from the show.

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Head First Beauty Salon featured styled hair pieces, extensions and wigs.

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