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It’s been a journey, not a destination


Like most everything in life Julie says “It’s been a journey, not a destination”. While she’s always up for an adventure, adopting Jack turned into far more than she could have imagined. At 11 months old, 77 lbs and zero training, Julie found herself with her first puppy and landed in beginner obedience classes. She quickly realized the challenge ahead and credits the support of her instructor (Teddy Green at Daytripper Dog Training), for her words of wisdom and constant encouragement.

Months of hard work and determination saw her bond with Jack grow. She says “One day I woke up and found myself dog-happy… he’s my inspiration!”DOG-HAPPY

Training with Jack tapped into a part of Julie she couldn’t ignore. Making the decision she wanted to work with dogs, become a trainer and says “Jack literally changed my life”. So it was to be and DOG-HAPPY was born! As Julie’s unexpected adventure unfolds, she focuses on building her skills through continuous education and hands-on experience as she assists her trainer in group classes. She continues training with Jack and says “Its awesome that there are so many directions; from nose work to sports and tricks. It’s endless what you can learn, teach and do with your dog!”

Julie surrounds herself with qualified professionals that use science-based training methods and has developed a strong foundation of resources. She looks forward to the many paths this new found love offers; perhaps one day offering her own dog training classes and with time and hands-on experience, becoming a Canine Behaviourist. “It’s an exciting journey, with so much good fun ahead!”

For more information or to arrange your personalized service, contact Julie at 416-735-2117 | | | @beingdoghappy  DOG-HAPPY on RuralBuzz >>


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