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Kakatoosh Korner In Shakespeare, Ontario

Kakatoosh Korner In Shakespeare, Ontario
Kakatoosh Korner is a native-owned and operated shop featuring handmade and locally-sourced arts, crafts, bath, beauty, and home products. kakatoosh-korner shakespear native arts and craftsFlying Post First Nation native, Debbie Welch opens up the doors of her shop Friday, Saturday, and Sunday—but encourages guests to knock on the door of their adjoining family home when in the area on weekdays. If they’re home, they’re happy to welcome you inside to take a look at their eclectic collection of goods.
Kakatoosh means “groundhog” and their family-owned shop was named after Debbie’s grandparents who use to trap on the grounds near Groundhog River and Lake.

A Handmade Haven

One of the things that makes Kakatoosh Korner so unique is that Debbie and her family make many of their products from scratch. From handmade soaps, bath salts, body butters, and face creams—to candles, incents, and dream catchers adorned with locally-sourced turkey, goose, partridge, and Guinea fowl feathers. Debbie is currently hard at work expanding their local herbal tea and essential oil blends, and hand selecting accompanying accessories.

Local Native Arts

If you are searching for a unique gift, or arts and crafts designed by aboriginal artists—your options at Kakatoosh Korner are endless. From authentic moccasins, to prints, canvas, and even modern gifts printed on everything from coffee mugs to iPhone and electronics cases—there’s something for everyone at Kakatoosh Korner!


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