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Kimberley’s Unique Store

Kimberley’s Place is one of the latest popular shops in the Old Railroad town of Palmerston. Kimberley and Brian are proudly serving their community including Harriston, Clifford and Listowel with stationery, art supplies and local handmade crafts.

kimberleys StationeryKimberley’s is a unique store, offering three different aspects;   your stationery needs, from photo copy paper to Bristol board, envelopes to Debit machine rolls. Also is provided Photo Copying, black and white and colored at reasonable prices. You can’t find what you need, let Kimberley know and she will personally order it for you and stock if it is a repeat purchase. They can cater to your business needs, back to school and all your home needs. 

You will find a variety of Art Supplies for those people who craft. They carry high quality brushes and a variety of paints and so much more. No more driving an hour away for those supplies. 

An added bonus to the store is the outside Artisans that have brought in their home crafts. In need of a special gift, you will find it at Kimberley’s Place, from Home Decor items to Organic Soy Candles, Natural Skin Care Products to Custom Carved Signs, just to mention a few. Most all of the Artisans do custom orders as well. 

Kim and Brian hope to provide the town of Palmerston and surrounding area with the option of shopping locally with that personal touch. 


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