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Let’s welcome Spring! by Nurture Sensible Pet Solutions

Article submitted by Debbie Morris, Owner of Nurture Sensible Pet Solutions, in Markdale, Ontario

Spring is just around the corner. The birds are coming back and the spring bulbs are pushing up shoots. The upcoming months may present some challenges for your pet.

Now is the time to help prepare and protect them.

Porcupines and Skunks – Avoid early morning and dusk walks off leash. With the nice weather, the porcupines are having their baby’s at ground level. Skunks, porcupines and raccoon’s are nocturnal so they are venturing out at dusk and heading home to sleep at sun rise. Stinky surprises always seem to happen at night when the stores are closed. Be proactive and have a bottle of Odor Out skunk deodorizer spray handy!

Seasonal Allergies – Many pets develop seasonal allergies in the summer months. Now is the time to be proactive and boost their immune systems. Don’t wait until the symptoms show up and your dog aggravates them by scratching and chewing. There are some great herbal supplements on the market that prepare your pet’s immune system to deal with the reaction to seasonal allergens before they start.

catFleas & Ticks – With the warm weather comes the fleas and ticks. I have always stressed the importance of maintenance and prevention.
1) A well nourished pet is less likely to attract fleas and ticks. It has been proven that pets that are fed raw and less processed diets seldom have flea infestations.
2) Supplements such as FleeZeez and Melissa’s Aloe Pet help to make your pet’s body an undesirable environment for fleas and ticks. Start before flea season arrives.
3) Natural topical sprays made with essential oils can be applied to your pet’s coat every day prior to a walk in the outdoors. Mosquitoes, fleas and ticks will stay away naturally.
4) Keep your pet’s environment clean. Wash their beds regularly and vacuum up excess hair on a regular basis. This breaks any breeding cycle by removing any larvae that might be present. Sprinkle diatomaceous earth in any dirt beds that your dog likes to dig or under the deck if that is the favorite sleeping spot.
5) Advantage and Zodiac are products that are applied to the back of your pet’s neck once a month and it goes into their blood stream to kill and prevent fleas and ticks. These are a more toxic solution but if your pet is exposed to environments or other animals that may expose them to fleas, better safe than sorry!

Spring Cleanse – Spring and fall are good times to maintain your pet’s digestive tract by doing a routine deworming. A healthy digestive tract is key to overall health. There are some great broad spectrum natural deworming products available that are inexpensive and easy to administer. Spring is also a good time to do a liver and kidney cleanse to clean their body filters of any toxins, giving them a fresh start for the coming seasons.

Come on in and let’s welcome spring!

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