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21 Wellington Artist Co-Op & Emporium

21 Wellington St. Port Burwell, Ontario, N0J 1T0
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21 Wellington Artist Co-Op & Emporium in Port Burwell, Ontario displays the art work of 40 local Artists. Serving Port Burwell, Aylmer, Port Rowan, Tillsonburg, St. Thomas and area and a popular tourist destination.

Well displayed and carefully selected Artist work for sale includes:  paintings, photography, beach glass art, copper art work, pottery, hand crafts, knitting, wool felting, sewing, tobacco lath flags, repurposed items, three dimensional Art, local author, small antiques, jewellery, vegan soaps, and tole painting.

Come into 21 Wellington Artist Co-op & Emporium
for very unique gifts and decor!
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Original art, gifts & home decor.



21 Wellington Artist Co-Op & Emporium is established since 2015 by Christina Thomson; the lovely store offers unique one-of-a-kind gifts and home decor.

July & August open every day from 11 am to 7 pm.
May, June, September through to Thanksgiving weekend open Friday to Sunday 11 am to 7 pm

Artisan and Book Signing

August 4th & 5th, from 1 pm to 4 pm

Meet the Artisans and Book Signing by local author Brad Davey!


Barb Babbage has lived in Port Burwell with her husband Steve for fourteen years. A former RN and Child and Youth worker, she is now a full time author of historical romance novels, and in her spare time enjoys doing a variety of crafts.  She writes under the pen name B.J Scott and currently has published 8 bestselling Scottish historical romance novels and 2 time travel novels, with more on the way. There are more than one authors with the same name so be sure and check the bio before you purchase since we are not the same authors. When not holed up writing or crafting, she enjoys visiting museums and historic sites, reading, and spending time with her husband and their dogs.


Artists-Trudy BradtAylmer is Trudy’s hometown but she lived for many years in the beautiful Port Burwell area with her husband. The first time she saw chain mail jewelry she knew she had to try it. With plyers in each hand and following videos on the internet she started creating. Once Trudy starts a piece she can’t put it down until it is complete. Trudy finds satisfaction in creating beautiful jewelry to sell and wear herself. Trudy has found her calling. She now lives in Long Point with her husband and son where she loves to sit by the water and create her jewelry.


Maryellen BrownMeet MARYELLEN BROWN (aka WAVE WALKER) Maryellen has always lived in Port Burwell. Having no professional training she learned from the best, Mother Nature. Walking the beach and woodlands of her local area she looked at the beauty of natural elements. The wood washed up on the beaches, the stone and beach glass treasures from Mother Earth are the basis of her artwork. She thinks of herself as a natural artist. She was lucky enough to have many older teachers: her father who took her hunting in the woods teaching her how to sit still and watch quietly, the older farmer who took her hunting for beach stone to cut and polish for jewelry, the local artists that painted and drew and were kind enough to let her watch and showed her their art. Maryellen has a very unique perspective that is evident in her artwork!


Meet Brad Davey has lived in Southwest Ontario most of his life and has been visiting Port Burwell since he was a baby. He trained as a screenwriter and following his graduation from film school he spent the better part of a year working and travelling in Europe and North Africa. He served as an officer in a reconnaissance unit of the Canadian army for five years and has had a lifelong interest in military history. Due to some twists of fate his career has been in the fields of mental health and addictions and he has held several senior positions with the Ministry of Health and Long-Term and has headed up three organizations delivering services to Ontarians.
Throughout his career Brad has met thousands of larger than life personalities who provide him with the back stories for the characters in his books. The leading character in first three books, Tom Robbins, is based on a conversation that Brad had in the parking lot of a mental health conference a few years ago. In the first book the character Ing Stoller stands on a dock in Muskoka and angrily lectures another character on the effect that HIV/AIDS has on people. That character’s words are verbatim from a “town hall” meeting that Brad convened when he was working for the Ministry of Health during the AIDS crisis in the early 1990s.
The third book in the Genocide series will be available in late 2017.


Gillian DaveyMeet GILLIAN (Downham) DAVEY. I came to Canada as a child and grew up in Ingersoll, I later moved to Brighton, England. On my return to Canada I started painting. I found that it was something I just needed to do. Starting with tole painting in 1984 at which time I sold quite a few saws and milk cans. I also painted canvases of local scenes. I started painting with oils in 2000. When I moved to Port Burwell I thought we needed to have some of Port Burwell’s beauty put on canvas. While painting in our front garden a  lady stopped by and asked ‘Will you sell me that painting?’ I resisted for a few years and am pleased to say Bonnie now owns my first painting of Burwell Lighthouse and I am please to say quite a few of my neighbours also have bought my work. I was later approached by Chris at 21 Wellington Artis Co-op. I have been painting pictures of late of the fairy gardens. To be totally focused on the scene and colours is a great feeling. I am a self taught painter and always a learning student from life, art and all around me. Often I will stand and look for ages thinking ‘How did you do that God?’ After all He is the greatest of artists. The sunsets and beaches, wildlife of the area is certainly a wonder to behold. My first achievement was in Brownies obtaining an Art badge. I wish I would have kept it. Gillian Davey


Heather DererMeet Heather Derer. Heather was born in London Ontario and upon retiring came to live in Port Burwell. She has always been artistically inclined, doing wedding arrangements, paintings, wood working and always interested in dabbling in other creative areas. She finds this a great way to pass the long winter days in a small community.


Artist-James C

Retired from health care management James has been able to foster his love of woodworking. Careful to showcase each piece of wood, James’ attention to detail produces a wooden creation that is both beautiful and useful. His showcase project is ‘Verses’, formerly the St. Paul’s United Church in Port Burwell. James has walnut bathtub trays, trivets and cheese boards for sale at 21 Wellington Artist Co-op & Emporium.


Artist-Helena CernaHelen is a retired teacher with a passion for knitting and the martial arts. She always have 3 or 4 projects going at all times. Beach glass projects and knitting projects are a must but she has started working on some old furniture also. Pinterest is her favourite site for inspiration!


PATRICIA RINE ELLERTONPatricia Rine Ellerton has lived in Ingersoll for her entire life so far, and has enjoyed creating art since she was a child taking after her mother, who was also an artist. Patricia is interested in painting bold and colourful landscapes depicting Ontario and Canada. Patricia has sold her work across Canada and abroad. Patricia recently won first prize at the “Spectacular Skies” art show at the Elmhurst Inn in Ingersoll where her work is being showcased until July 15/17. Patricia and her husband enjoy their weekends in Port Burwell at their trailer.

Pat Ellerton


Meet Shirley Goddeeris. Shirley lives near the shore of Lake Erie, her favourite place to be is the beach. The scenery is always changing, which gives her the opportunity to take some beautiful pictures. Photography is an eye in which everyone sees things in a special way. She has always been interested in photography and started with a small black box camera. The film was kept in the fridge and took a week to develop. She has had many cameras since then as technology has improved. Shirley has worked many jobs during her life including driving school bus, which she still does. She often returns to areas she has seen on her route to photograph. Shirley photographs for friends and family as well as ‘The Photoguys’ on the race track at Sparta. She displays her work at ’21 Wellington Artist Co-op & Emporium’ and shows at various weekend events. Her grandchildren live on the east coast, when she had an opportunity to see them she wanted to ‘capture a moment…for a lifetime of memories’. This has brought her to where she is today, capturing beautiful memories to share.


Artists-DIANNAH JOHNSTONDiannah is a 42 year old mother of two, a handsome 17 year old son, who has a passion for football and an 11 year old daughter who has fire under her feet, always doing something to do with sports. Besides enjoying in her families passions she finds comfort in her crafts. Nothing beats being able to use her own thoughts and creations and seeing other people enjoying her finished products. Diannah and her family live in Bayham township and she has very close ties to Port Burwell.


Debra is an adept and prolific artist in the London area. Recently retired after 31 years from teaching visual arts with the Thames Valley District School Board. As a child she felt content when creating art which gave her the inspiration and vision to develop as an artist. Debra takes joy in painting different genre styles from still life and landscapes to contemporary art. Debra creates her art utilizing pure mediums such as oil pastels, oil paint, acrylic paint, watercolour and chalk pastels Debra’s true passion is Plein Air painting in the warmer months of the year where she embraces the romancing of a moment and fleeting light in a composition which is applied to her other forms of painting styles. Debra hopes to spend the rest of life sharing her vitality and expression of creativity with visual offerings for others to enjoy. Debra looks forward to teaching private and small group instruction in Visual Art. Education studies of visual art include Fanshawe College, the University of Western Ontario and Althouse College. Collectors of Debra’s art are local and international. Many exhibitions are ongoing and many awards achieved.


Meet Erna McCLEAN. I’m a retired factory worker, 2 daughters, 2 terrific sons-in-law, 3 granddaughters, 1 grandson. Hobbies include reading, crocheting and half hearted gardening. Boring as hell but it’s simple and I like simple. My motto is to learn something new everyday. Fortunately with my memory I learn some things over and over. I live in Vienna, Ontario by the creek.


Meet Crystal McMaster, Jewelry Designer. Art is such a Beautiful Natural Essential part of life! It is the expression of our Souls, every soul should have the opportunity! I love to craft one of a kind creations. I was lucky enough to grow up in a family where arts and music were vibrant, natural and had deep roots. My mom, was a beautiful influence on my early love of arts, crafts and design. She herself trained in Interior Design, art was a natural career choice for my mother and I. I began selling my handmade creations at local festivals and craft shows when I was a teen. I have been designing and creating jewelry collections for 10 years now. My collections thoughtfully crafted with you in mind to reflect the unique qualities of each individual. I love designing around a unique natural stone gem. I also love to use found and recycled woods, and elements from nature and turn them into something beautiful to wear! I love being surrounded by nature and I live a very earth conscious lifestyle. My collections are reflections of that philosophy. Sustainability is essential in all pieces I create, incorporating acorns, driftwood, handmade wood beads and pendants from fallen tree branches in my yard. This is a way of life. Many of my pieces are inspired by the natural beauty of the materials I use! I hope you Love my collections as much as I love creating them. Crystal


Tobacco Slat Furniture and Trays by Gary Mero

Gary makes our tobacco slat flags, trays and furniture. Gary used to work at Lafarge and lived near Mossley, Ontario for 36 years on a hobby farm. Gary and his wife Sharon raised quarter horses and their three sons. They moved to Port Burwell after retirement. Gary started by purchasing a planter made from tobacco slats, he tried his own version of it then proceeded to the Canada flag. When 21 Wellington Artist Co-op & Emporium opened in May of 2015 the call went out for local artists to come in. Gary sent Sharon over with a couple planters and was surprised when he was accepted in the co-op, he didn’t think anyone would buy his work. From the planters he moved on to various flags and furniture made from recycled tobacco slats. Gary’s products are very popular with his Canadian flag being the most popular. Gary has enjoyed making his various crafts from the tobacco slats, his work is high quality and very solidly built.


Meet ANN NOTMAN. Ann started painting in her early thirties. She is inspired by the beautiful colours and the panorama of nature. Originally from England, Ann came to Canada as a young woman. Ann resides in Port Burwell and runs ‘Nan’s Nook’ a Bed & Breakfast on Victoria St. with her husband. Ann is very active in the community and Periscope Playhouse.


Artists-DEBORAH POLYAK VINDASIUSDeborah works mainly in oil and acrylic paints, although enjoys experimenting with other mediums as well. Her painting career started shortly after winning an art scholarship in high school, when she began to take private lessons in oil painting for a short time. Since then she has been mainly self taught. Her accomplishments include: “Celebrate the Seasons” solo art show, “Fundraisers” S.A.N.Y.A. (Spay and Neuter Your Animals), Bayham Historical Society, Port Burwell Public School Reunion, and Aylmer Trinity Anglican Church. “Limited Edition Prints” ‘Ashtabula’, ‘Port Burwell Lighthouse (sold out), ‘Barn In Winter’, ‘Seven Swans a Swimming’ and ‘Homeward Bound’.


Meet CATHERINE PRONG. Catherine enjoys the unique qualities of watercolour for her paintings, with a country and often nostalgic flavour. She has studied with Barbara Watson of St. Thomas and Joe Fettingis through Rainbow Workshops of Port Rowan, as well as with Muriel Brown and Margaret Dawson of Port Stanley. After joining the Station Arts Centre, Tillsonburg, she studied with Gayle Cassone, Blake Hughes, Sue Goossens, Hilda Markson-Gray, Pauline Holancin and Art Cunanan. At the Norfolk County Fair, Simcoe – Fall 2001 to 2012 Catherine received awards – both in Landscape and Still Life categories. Catherine was also the recipient of the Lynnwood Art Award and the Edith Kent Trophy. Catherine is a life long resident of Port Burwell.


Meet Carol Shelly. I enjoy the uniqueness of Encaustic Wax for my painting. I am a self-taught Artist after a friend showed me what to do. Never having done any kind of art work before seeing this. I felt it was something I could do. I have been doing encaustic wax for about eight years now. I have gradually worked my way into watercolour stamping and making various types of greeting cards. I am a life long resident of Port Burwell.


Meet Angie Welch. Angie retired from her 35 year career in 2012 and she’s loving the freedom to pursue some of her hobbies. She loves creating jewelry and has been successful in selling a lot of her items so she can continue to make more. Angie creates many one-of-a-kind designs incorporating fabrics, yarns, crystals, metal, etc. Angie tries to vary styles so there is something to complement any wardrobe. She also keeps her prices affordable so those who like more than one item can afford to purchase all they admire. Angie will continue to bring her jewelry to 21 Wellington Artist Co-op & Emporium so you can find gifts for yourself or others.


Meet Gordon Wilder. Gordon is a self-taught Artist painting in oils and acrylics. His work includes seascapes, landscapes, florals and murals. He began painting in Willipeg, Manitoba in 1966. His paintings have been sold in Winnipeg, Edmonton, Toronto, Woodstock, Windsor, St. Catherine’s and Clearwater, Florida. Gordon has taught at conference centres, camps and churches. Gordon is a resident of Port Burwell where he has his studio.

Meet Marilyn Whaley

Meet Marilyn Whaley. I became interested in natural health care and natural products about 30 years ago when we learned that my daughter and my husband had some serious health conditions. We did a complete change of diet and I decided to take a few courses. I eventually became certified in Aromatherapy Massage, Reflexology and Reiki. I am very passionate about the products I make. I try to use as many organic ingredients as I can find.

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