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3692 Nafziger Rd, Wellesley, Ontario
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Bakin’ Me Crazy is NOW OPEN in Wellesley, Ontario

Bakin’ Me Crazy Commercial Bakery was an idea of mine when the retail space I own in Wellesley became available. When we purchased the property it was a bakery, and is still set up that way. With the new public health requirements ensuring all food for sale to the public must be made in an inspected commercial kitchen, I recognized the need for this space, and since it was already set up this way it was logical to turn it back into a bakery, only this time offer it for rent to the community.

Bakin’ Me Crazy is a fully inspected and insured bakery with plenty of space to create your food masterpieces. It’s available for rent in blocks of time, short or long term rentals accepted. Currently we offer Ladies Night In classes where you and three friends can rent the space for Christmas baking, chat, bake, exchange cookies, there’s even an option to leave the mess behind!

To book time, please visit or check us out on Facebook >>

What was born out of the bakery so far is another business by the same owner Sarah Demerling, and a business partner  Rachel Kavanaugh, is a Keto bakery named Bakin’ Us Keto.
We bake amazing Keto Goodies, which are healthy and delicious, contain no sugar, and low carbs.

Contact us today for more information:


Bakin’ Me Crazy Commercial Bakery is fully inspected and ready for YOU. 🙂

Amenities include:

Large commercial convection oven
 Large display fridge
LOTS of prep space
Tons of mixing & prep bowls
Most of the baking utensils you need
Plenty of commercial muffin tins & baking sheets
And large and small cake pans
Small stand mixer 
Food processor
Triple sink for wash/rinse, sanitize & fruit/veggie wash.
We accept rentals for one time use, not for profit organizations, long-term rentals, rent the certified food handler, and you bake we clean packages.
To reserve your time slots: Link Here >> or send us a pm for more info.
Located in Wellesley, Ontario.

If you haven’t been here yet, it’s worth the relaxing drive to Wellesley. There are so many other nice shops here too! Check us all out.


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