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DOG-HAPPY Private Walks and Training in Goodwood, Ontario between Uxbridge and Stouffville, owner Julie Heyes, was inspired by her dog Jack. Julie adopted Jack at 11 months, 77lbs and zero training. She and Jack worked hard to get things on track and while all the hard work was a challenge, Julie remained unrelenting and stubbled into a passion! Julie now offers private dog walking and private in home training as she’s driven to support others experiencing their own training challenges.

DOG-HAPPY Private Dog Walking and Training

Serving Coppins Corners/Goodwood area resident pooches.

Starting in September – space is limited!
· private land, forest and field
· fully fenced acreage
· 45mins to 1hr walk time
· water supplied
· group(s) goes out weekly (9am to 11am approx.)
· dogs can socialize, play and explore off leash safely
· full engagement with all dogs to ensure everyone has fun!

Contact Julie for more information or to arrange a Meet n Greet to get your pooch signed up!
*Note* – I am working to arrange a property near Uxbridge to offer off leash group walks for town resident pooches as well – so stay tuned!



A Promise to  Clients and Commitment to What she  Does:
Julie assists with her trainer in a classroom environment, is educated in animal behaviour and is diligently adding to her skill set, keeping up to date with science based training methods.

“ It’s a promise to my clients that their dog(s) will be treated with kindness while in my care. All interactions with your dog(s) are a positive experience and being one on one with your dog(s), I’m able to offer the attention they deserve “
Julie offers professional services and care to each and every human and canine client.
 “ Dogs are individuals and as such, I take the time to get to know each one. I provide safe, kind and loving companionship to enrich your dog(s) day and absolute peace of mind for you. “


DOG-HAPPY Services

• Private on-leash walks and playtime

• Home visits/potty breaks (great for puppies)

• Training, help and support for families

• Puppy Prep (preparing BEFORE puppy comes home setting you and puppy up for success!)

I offer walks, playtime and training… personalized services to meet your dogs needs!


“ Properly trained, a person can be a dog’s best friend” – Unknown

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