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DOG-HAPPY | Dog Training and OFF LEASH Group Walk Adventures (Fenced). Located in Uxbridge Ontario, owner Julie Heyes became inspired by her dog Jack. Julie adopted Jack at 11 months, 77lbs and zero training. She and Jack worked hard with her trainer to get things on track and while all the hard work was a challenge, Julie remained unrelenting and stubbled into a passion! Julie lead herself through formal education in Animal Behaviour, stays current in continuing education, has spent years working alongside her mentor in group classes and offers private in-home training. Inspiring her human clients and their dogs to reach their goals through Concept Training is Julie’s mission!

DOG-HAPPY Dog Training and OFF LEASH Group Walk Adventures

‘OFF LEASH Group Walk Adventures’ | On fully fenced private forest acreage



Teaching Puppy Boundary Games

A Promise to  Clients and Commitment to What she  Does:
“ It’s a promise to my clients that they and their dog(s) will be treated with kindness while working with me for training services. If your dog is joining us for our OFF LEASH Group Walk Adventures (Fenced), all interactions with your dog(s) are a safe and positive experience. This is why I choose to stay small, so I’m able to offer the attention they deserve “

Julie offers professional services and customizes training for you and your life with your dog.
 “ Dogs are individuals and each client goals are different. Part of my passion is customizing and problem-solving for each client’s needs. I love solution finding! ”


DOG-HAPPY Services | For dogs of all ages and puppies too!

• Private Training Lessons: In your home

• Group Classroom Training

• Training, help and support for families

• Online, Real-Time Lessons: For all your training needs and/or as a supplement to private and/or group classes

• Puppy Prep (preparing BEFORE puppy comes home setting you and puppy up for success!)

• Behaviour Consultations: On the phone, online and/or in-person

• OFF LEASH Group Walk Adventures (Fenced): for Uxbridge residents, includes pick up/drop off, on fully fenced private forest acreage, water available on site



“ Dogs/puppies are ALWAYS learning. Empower yourself and your dog with Concept Training – it’s real-life skills learned through the power of playing games and it truly changes everything! ” – Julie

Julie and Jack

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