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Price is what you pay but VALUE is what you get at Riannas Family Restaurant

Riannas Family Restaurant in the friendly historic town of St. Marys, Ontario is place where good food and good friends go together!  New and repeat customers are welcome  with good old fashion friendly service, smiles and great food every time!

Meet Kim, Chef Ray and Rianna :

Kim loves the customer contact she has with St. Marys and the good people who live in the surrounding areas. She enjoys each day as it comes and the people even more adding there is much to learn from others and its a joy to share our stories and food. Professionally, her motto is “price is what you pay but VALUE is what you get.” Another favourite principle is “You can never have too much to eat, or never receive enough feedback from your customers or just plain ole have fun in whatever you do”.  PS Live life large and eat dessert first!

Ray is a quality conscious professional chef.  He has graduated from Liaison College receiving his diploma in both Cook 1 and Cook 11 level programs.  He has taken multiple patissier courses at George Brown College and excels at baking and cooking. Ray takes great pride in his work and skills and he always delivers the best of the best.

Rianna is a dynamo mastering school and working the kitchen.  She can hold her own anywhere she decides to put her attention.  She is interested in technology, and learning several musical instruments.  Cooking comes naturally to her and she is quality focussed and efficient.  Rianna is well versed in our native tongue, Ojibeway. Miigwech!


You never know who might drop in! Big smiles from ” Baseball Hall of Farmers ” with Kim and Fergie 


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