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The Story of Julie’s Workshop


Julie’s Workshop

“Adventures In Wood”
Inspired By Two. Created By Many

Julie’s Workshop, as it happens, is a story that started many years ago.
When Julie was a little girl, her mom and dads friends dropped by for a visit. With them, they brought a gift for both Julie and her sister – two little stools, one for each with their names carved on the side.

Julie’s mom and dad had another little one on the way and decided they needed to build a stool for their new addition. So they built a stool for Joanne.

Like so many ideas, they often come without knowing where they will take you. Julie reflects, “My mom and dad were creative people and after they built my sister’s stool, they thought others might like them too. They started making them as gifts at first and then as word traveled, they started receiving requests.”

She says, “Young ones are always looking for ways to be independent and with their own little-personalized stool, it’s cute to see how excited they are to go get it and proud when they take that little step up. Many years later these stools become childhood keepsakes; memories in time within the dents, scratches and crayon marks.”

Tragically, Julie’s mom and dad passed away many years ago and so ended the stool making. Five unfinished stools remained and became more precious than ever. She and her sisters decided to share the last remaining stools, which gave Julie two. She kept them for years but when her cousin had her first baby, she decided that she would use one of her stools for Matthew.

Julie shares, “Like my mom and dad, I’m a creative person. Carving Matthews name into the stool, staining and finishing it and then knowing there was only one stool left, it just hit me! Why am I not making these stools?!”

Nearly a year ago, Julie put into motion the creating her workshop. “Adventures In Wood” she calls it, as Julie sees life as a series of adventures. Inspired By Two – her mom and dad have gone far too soon but with her every day. Created By Many – from her parent’s friends that came for a visit that day, with a stool for Julie and her sister. To a childhood friend and neighbor who’s workshop, her mom and dad used to cut pieces for the stools and has guided Julie in setting up her workshop. She says “I also have to acknowledge that when I talk about my workshop, it’s a collective. People share their ideas so the creativity becomes more than just mine. All these people are part of the “Many” and I’m grateful.”

Julie adds, “I’m delighted to be up and running. I’m having so much fun already and I’m only getting started! I’ll be making lots of different things but like the little stools Julie says “one step at a time.”

Welcome to Julie’s Workshop

Julie’s Workshop is opening soon!

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