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Talented people wanted in downtown storefronts

Renew Northern Wellington Arts & Business Association Thanks New Participating Property and Announces First Business Startup

Kenilworth, ON: Renew Northern Wellington is a collaborative initiative of the Town of Minto, Mapleton Township and the Township of Wellington North. It helps to put talented people into downtown storefronts to gain exposure, build their business, and become a sustainable enterprise. It offers empty downtown stores for a very small Participation Fee to assist those involved in getting their business built and becoming successful. The program offers minimal risk and investment but is unlimited in its opportunities for success!

Since the program’s launch in May 2015, three properties in Mount Forest have committed their participation to the program in an effort to help entrepreneurs get exposure and grow their business by providing low cost access to a storefront location. Most recently, our first property in Palmerston has committed their participation to the program! Filling these empty spaces will aid in drawing new visitors to our downtowns, stimulate employment, generate economic activity and invigorate our downtowns in making them a more desirable destination to visit, shop, dine in, stay, and invest.

Thank you to our most recent property owner in Palmerston, Don Madill, for offering your space to be occupied by a qualified, highly motivated entrepreneur!

254 Main St in Palmerston offers 550 square feet located in the downtown core. This open concept is easily adaptable to the vision of the business that will occupy it.

236 Main St North in Mount Forest is the new home to The Gift Artivity Center! This cultural centre will provide an outlet, support, mentorship, space, encouragement, tools, events and the enabling means to the arts and artists of all expressions that reside within our community and surrounding areas. Stay tuned for when we announce the Grand Opening of our first Renew Northern Wellington Arts & Business Association business member!

If you’re an existing building owner looking for activity in your empty storefront or are wondering if your talent, idea, creative endeavour, or business could become successful and profitable, contact us now to find out how!

Wellington North Project Coordinators:

April Marshall & Dale Small
7490 Sideroad 7 W, PO Box 125 Kenilworth, ON N0G 2E0
[P] 519-848-3620
[E] [E]

Town of Minto Project Coordinator

Belinda Wick-Graham 5941 Highway #89 Harriston, ON N0G 1Z0 [P] 519-338-2511


Mapleton Township Project Coordinator

Crystal Ellis
7275 Sideroad 16, Box 160 Drayton, ON N0G 1P0
[P] 519-638-3313

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