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Wasaga under Siege & the 200th Commemoration of Battle of Nottawasaga Bay

The activities/events planned for the 12th annual Wasaga under Siege are taking place from August 14th – 17th at Nancy Island Historic Site in Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Canada.  Not only will there  be celebrations for the 12th annual Wasaga under Siege event but  also the  commemoration for the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Nottawasaga Bay and the sinking and destruction of HMS Nancy.

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Guest Speakers, Authors, Fireworks, Merchants, Artisans and More!

Coffins of the Brave: HMS Nancy & other War of 1812 Shipwrecks
Guest Speaker – Christopher R. Sabick,
Lake Champlain Maritime Museum
Chris Sabick is currently the Archaeological Director of the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum in Vermont, USA.  Chris will reveal how marine archaeology in Canada and the United States offers evidence of the past drawn from a record embedded in shipwrecks and artifacts.
Special behind the Scenes Tour of HMS Nancy
His Master’s thesis work focused on the history and construction of the War of 1812 Great Lakes Schooner Nancy (1789-1814).  Chris will share his intimate knowledge of the Nancy inside the enclosure that houses the remains of the Nancy.
Location – Coffins of the Brave – Jack’s Nasty Face Entertainment Area
Thursday, Aug 14th – 3:00pm
Friday, Aug 15th – 3:00pm
Location – Behind the Scenes Tour – HMS Nancy Enclosure
Thursday, Aug 14th – 4:00pm
Friday, Aug 15th – 4:00pm

“Redcoated Ploughboys” & “The Call To Arms”
Author – Richard Feltoe
Redcoated Ploughboys – In 1812, the future of British North America hung in the balance as the United States declared war with the avowed goal of conquering the Canada’s and removing British influence from the continent forever.  In response, a corps of men, drawn from every walk of life and social stratum of Upper Canada, stepped forward to defend their fledgling colony by volunteering to serve in the Battalion of Incorporated Militia of Upper Canada. The regiment was disbanded at the conclusion of the war, and with the passage of time, its dedicated service and efforts have faded into the dust of histories written about the War of 1812.
The Call to Arms – is the first of six books in the series Upper Canada Preserved — War of 1812. Each book in this battlefield chronicle combines the best of modern historical research with extensive quotes from original official documents and per­sonal letters to bring to life this crucial period of Canada’s early history. Numerous images of locations at the time are counterpointed with modern pictures taken from the same perspective to give a true then-and-now effect.
Richard Feltoe will be present during Wasaga under Siege 2014 for readings, answering questions and signing copies of his books.
Location: Nancy Island Historic Site
Friday, Aug 15th – 12:00pm to 9:00pm
Saturday, Aug 16th – 10:00am to 9:00pm
Sunday, Aug 17th – 10:00am to 4:00pm

“Brock’s Agent”, “Brock’s Railroad” & “Brock’s Assassin”
Author – Tom Taylor
His first novel, Brock’s Agent is a story of redemption for Upper Canada’s first secret agent during the War of 1812. The Globe and Mail called Brock’s Agent “propulsive” and a “ripping yarn.” The Ottawa Citizen named it as one of only three must read works of fiction for 2011, calling it “historical fiction of breathtaking intensity.”
Brock’s Railroad, a story of freedom, is Tom’s second novel. This book won the gold medal for Wartime Fiction from the Independent Publishers Awards. It takes us  to the edge of the Niagara River gorge, on the drizzly morning of October 13th, 1812, where former slaves in their own “Coloured Company” fight beside the British Army at the Battle of Queenston Heights.
Honour and duty take centre stage in Brock’s Traitor, a novel that opens in Elizabethtown, modern day Brockville. Brock’s Traitor reveals smuggling and treachery in the St. Lawrence Valley as the American army and navy plan their attack on the little village of York. The novel is featured on the front cover of the Historical Novels Review Magazine and is receiving rave reviews. It just won an IPPY Award in general fiction for Eastern Canada.
Tom’s fourth novel, Brock’s Assassin is due out in July 2014 – Someone had to burn the White House!
Tom Taylor will be present during Wasaga under Siege 2014 readings, answering questions and signing copies of his books.
Location: Nancy Island Historic Site
Friday, Aug 15th – 3:00pm to 9:00pm
Saturday, Aug 16th – 10:00am to 9:00pm
Sunday, Aug 17th – 10:00am to 2:00pm

“Searching for the Forgotten War 1812”
Authors – Patrick Carstens’ & Timothy Sanford
The forgotten war started out with an American invasion of what is now Canada and ended with a British invasion of the United States, neither one successful. Each chapter deals with the war in different geographical areas of North American and their involvement, either as a contributor or direct involvement in the battles fought. Authors Patrick Carstens & Tim Sanford will be present to answer questions and sign copies of their book.
Location: Nancy Island Historic Site
Friday, Aug 15th – 10:00pm to 9:00pm
Saturday, Aug 16th – 10:00am to 9:00pm
Sunday, Aug 17th – 10:00am to 4:00pm

War of 1812 Bicentennial Fireworks Presentation
Commemorating the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Nottawasaga Bay and the Sinking and destruction of HMS Nancy

Date: Saturday, August 16th – Dusk
Location – Nottawasaga River – Nancy Island Historic Site
Description – Fireworks, cannon fire and the musical finale of the 1812 overture will engulf the Nottawasaga River as part of the 200th commemoration ceremonies.  Best viewing for the fireworks presentation will be down river from Nancy Island Historic Site near or on the Main Street Bridge.
Coghlin and Upton Inc.
Coghlin and Upton Inc. offers fine quality Military Accoutrements & Historical Supplies for all time periods including the modern military, police and fire services.  Offering a wide range of products including swords, sashes, buttons, custom leather belting, metal hardware, edged weapons and epaulettes.  Coghlin and Upton will be on site during Wasaga under Siege with a large number of goods and wares being offered for sale to re-enactors and the public.
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Sutler Cyrus- Toy Wooden Guns & Games
Sutler Cyrus offers arms, ammunition and headwear for all junior gentlemen adventurers, pioneers and plainsmen, and other items and curiosities, of great interest and at extremely reasonable prices.  Be sure to take home some Cartridge Candy, the official candy of the War of 1812
Play “Barn Door Broadside” or “Shoot the Ship”!  Using either a toy musket or cannon, visitors are offered the opportunity to win prizes for their skill.  Hit or miss, everybody wins playing these interactive games!
It’s Rootin’, Tootin’, Shootin’ Fun!  Jeff Wakefield (Sutler Cyrus) brings more than merchandise to an event.  He brings entertainment and education that makes history fun.  For more information visit

Faire Tyme Toys
Our toy and game line is also quickly growing among the general public who wish to buy environmentally friendly ( i.e. wooden) toys and games that are not made of plastic, require no batteries and encourage their children to be active rather than passive and to use their imaginations.
All things old become new again and when our workshops take us to schools anywhere in Canada or United States the one comment that we are sure to get from a number of students is – “Why can’t modern toys be as much fun as the old fashioned ones.  We are unique in North America for we are, to our knowledge, the only period toy and game company that not only sells these products but visits sites to provide hands-on workshops, lectures and presentations.
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Arnolds Knives & Forge
Joe Arnold is a professional historic blacksmith who is dedicated to education in the art of the blacksmith. The tools and processes of the blacksmith are the starting point for almost everything crafted or constructed over the past two thousand years. Whether it be a forged grille, a wood plane’s blade or the shears that cut the bristles of an artist’s paintbrush; a blacksmith, using hammer and anvil, was their progenitor.  Witness Joe mould raw iron into useful everyday life tools and equipment and you may even get a chance to give him a helping hand.

Iron Monger & Homesteading Goods
We are Upper Canadian Sutlers that specialize in selling of cast iron and other sundries. We take great pride in providing only the best quality castings found today made here in Upper Canada. If you’ve never cooked in a cast iron container we recommend that you try. It is a non-stick pan when properly used and seasoned.  The taste just can’t be beat. Its serviceable lifetime will commonly exceed several generations becoming a valuable, family heirloom.

It’s Thyme – Esther Mikolajewski
Esther teaches children and adults alike about herbs used in cooking, for pleasure, for dying wool and for medicines. Ontario weeds useful for healing and eating as well as common herbs will be displayed hanging and drying in the wind.   Her herb shoppe and market provides small souvenir posies as well as other fruits and vegetables.

Ship’s Carpenter & Gunner’s Mate
Learn what it was like aboard a ship on the Great Lakes during the War of 1812.  Fritz Steele ship’s carpenter and gunner’s mate will on hand to demonstrate tools, sail repairs, musket, swords and pistols as well as sailor’s everyday items.

Elegant Thimble Presents: “Your Likeness Taken”
Your Likeness Taken provides the opportunity for visitors to Wasaga under Siege and Nancy Island Historic Site to dress up in historic clothing and take photos with their own camera devices.  Come and fit right in to the time period as you step back in time and take home a heritage moment in time.

Tibor Gajdacs – Blacksmith
Tibor Gajdacs has been a metalworker since 1967 and for the last five years has been exploring the art of blacksmithing.  He worked three years as a blacksmith interpreter for Black Creek Pioneer Village and recently in has begun to tour War of 1812 events.  Tibor has a functional period blacksmith setup, with coal forge, anvil and post vice. Along with some blacksmith and historical explanation he creates period ironwork, such as tripods, roasting fork, fire poker, candle holder, dinner triangle etc. His goal is to create some pleasant looking useful items, and show the public a life of a blacksmith in the early 1800’s.

Glen Farms Past Times
Glen Farms Past Times, Canada’s Finest Small Batch Jams and Preserves, Our Marmalades are taste tested by the fussiest Scots we could find, Preserving Cottage Industry Since 1985.

The Command Post of the President of Upper Canada
Marquee tent furnished to represent the field headquarters of Major-General Sir Francis the Baron de Rottenburg, President of Upper Canada (1813).  The Baron was one of four officials who briefly held the title President.  This tent depicts the manner of living of the commander of the army and would have travelled with him on engagements.  From here he would have administered both the military and civil government of the province.  Costumed interpreters will demonstrate aspects of the more upper-class side of military history.

Eden’s Mercantile
Treasures of a By-Gone Era – Exquisite Regency accessories, hand-painted canvas floor cloths, luxurious toiletries and artisanal preserves.

Helmut & Co.
Helmut & Co. offers fine, handmade period items in wood, iron, tin, leather, wool and fur.  Operating at events as a tinsmith’s shop, we also perform a wide variety of repairs on site.  Boot heel loose?  Cartridge box coming apart?  Frisson not at its best?  We can help you out!  Helmut has thirty years in the re-enactment community, including ten as the trade supervisor at Black Creek Pioneer Village.

The Elegant Thimble
Our sutlery is actually a co-operative of four individual businesses.  Defarge and Granger, owned by Anne Mooney offers period-correct knitted items such as fingerless gloves and pineapple reticules.  Faire Tyme Fashions, owned by Lisa Gilbert offers clothes for men and women, as well as children.  Daffodown Dilly, owned by Dawn Luckham, specializes in straw bonnets, dressed and undressed, for women.  A Stitch in Time, owned by Charlene Roberts, has a potpourri of clothes and accessories, as well as being an agent for Robert Land shoes.  Also offered is Your Likeness Taken, detailed elsewhere.  We are your one-stop shop, for your 1812 outfit.
Sanderson Leather
Specializing in quality leather goods for over 25 years to the re-enactment community. Products ranging from Cartridge boxes, musket straps, garters, Hunter’s (possible) bags, and custom made to measure moccasins and many more items available. Repairs to one’s own weathered items also done.

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