Tis The Season for Santa Claus Parades, shopping for gifts, giving to charities and wishing every one a safe and happy holiday season with family and friends. Durham’s Santa Claus Parade ” CANADIAN CHRISTMAS Saturday December 2nd at 2 PM Hanover ” Red and White Christmas Night Parade Saturday December 2nd at 7 PM Neustadt Christmas in the […]

Cаrе Fоr Yоur Hair Wіth the Uѕе оf Best Hair Sаlоn This Fall HeadFirst in Hanover, Ontario іѕ gоіng tо bе іntrоduсіng. In December a Nеw product аnd tесhnіԛuе fоr (оur curly hаіrеd) сlіеntѕ thаt аrе gоіng tо set uѕ араrt frоm any ѕаlоn іn the area… This is a tесhnіԛuе and product you will […]

Festive Santa Claus parades are coming through your community this time of year from November to December.  The towns are lined with spectators that come from near and far to enjoy a colourful parade of the themed floats, dancing and marching bands, opening the Christmas season. Bring along the family for the special festive treat […]

Hanover Community Players is closing in on the launch of their 2014 Christmas musical treat, Everything’s Groovy, a tribute to the 1960’s, which opens Dec. 11th and runs through Dec. 14th at the Hanover Civic Theatre. Important message to the community from from Marg Poste inviting everyone who has an interest in keeping amateur community theatre […]